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Peruvian Food in Aspen Hill, Maryland

At Pollo Brasero in Aspen Hill, Maryland, we have a menu full of delicious, authentic Peruvian food with a touch of other countries to give you an unforgettable culinary experience.
Peruvian Charbroiled Chicken
You know you are eating the real Peruvian charbroiled chicken by how moist and non-greasy it is. Our sauces balance the ancient ingredients to bring out flavors without making the dish fatty or greasy.
Other Foods
Aside from our whole, half, and quarter chickens and sauces, we also offer:
  • Lomo Saltado
  • Ceviche
  • Empanadas
  • Tilapia*
  • Saltenas
  • Variety of Sides

*Sautéed with Sherry Mushrooms, Red Pepper, and Cream Tomatoes
Charcoal Boiled Chicken - Peruvian Restaurant in Aspen Hill, MD
Empanada - Peruvian Restaurant in Aspen Hill, MD
Lomo Saltado
Few people know about the Asian influences on Peruvian culture. Lomo Saltado is the product of Far East meeting South America. Mixing the beef marinades of Peru with the spices and culinary culture of the Far East, we create a unique experience for your taste buds. Try this fusion cooking and see what culture clash tastes like. Yum!
Styled in the classical Argentinian style, these turnovers will send you on a culinary rollercoaster. We service The Cowboys of South America, which are our famous meat pies that bring out flavors only a rancher could understand.
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